Guide for Parents

Do you have questions about how to enroll at The Dance Center? See the guide below for additional information on the enrollment process.

General Overview

Ballet is still, and always has been, the foundation for all forms of dance. Ballet teaches students the correct alignment of their body, builds overall strength and poise, and enables them to understand more clearly their anatomy for dance training. Ballet classes should be taken at least twice a week in order to develop muscle memory and to tone and strengthen the body.

In the Beginning …

For our youngest students, we have one hour ballet and tap combination classes. These classes are designed to teach the basic steps in both ballet and tap. Each subject is taught for approximately thirty minutes which ensures that the young student maintains maximum interest in both subjects without losing their concentration. These combo classes give our youngest dancers a taste and understanding of both dance forms and gets them ready for the junior level of one hour per week, per subject. Serious dance students should take two classes per week in order to progress quickly into the main program of the school.

Junior Level …

Classes offered in Ballet or Tap at this level are one hour, one and a half hours and two hours in duration. Jazz is introduced to students after age 5. Ballet should always be continued and is a requirement. The Tap program continues through the junior to adult levels. Students are not required to take Jazz or Ballet for this form of dance.

Our teachers are highly skilled in the subjects they teach, and will place the student in the appropriate level. Age is not a primary factor. As with all learned skills, the body and mind must work together in concert for the skill to become second nature. It takes continuous practice and repetition to build the muscles of the growing dancer’s body. The artistic flare and confidence of a beautiful dancer only comes after hard work and dedicated training. A one hour class a week will not make a dancer.

Performing Arts

We have Performing Arts groups for students who wish to perform more than the annual shows in June. Auditions are held twice a year and the student must be over six years of age and taking at least one ballet class, one jazz class and one tap class per week.


Our mission is to teach dance in a happy environment by skilled and highly qualified teachers to all students in our school. We believe in discipline, dedication and fun. We teach poise, confidence, commitment and how to be a team player. Many of our students have gone on to do great things, we are proud of them and we hope that we have helped them along their path.

We welcome you to our school and we thank you for choosing us to teach your child the joys of dance.


The Dance Center, Inc.

Diane C. Ratley